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Leaks In Your Gutter? Maybe you Have a "Frankstein" on the Roof

The seamless technology used in gutters currently has multiple advantages, but what happens if the elbow of your downspout has up to 3 pieces assembled? Well, it increases the possibility of presenting leaks due to the various joints that compose it. The solution? Make sure your gutter installer does not supply you with these "Frankenstein" elbows. Demand only seamless elbows.

In our experience, a high percentage of leaks affecting gutters are due to cracked PVC or similar downspout elbows from the high temperatures of South Florida. Summer brings together two characteristics that affect assembled PVC or similar downspout elbows: days of intense heat alternated by heavy rains, due to the hurricane season. The heat cracks the material of the assembled elbows, while the intense precipitation causes leaks due to fatigue of the material and its multiple joints.

At Gonzalez Seamless Gutters we use only excellent quality materials. The seamless downspout system guarantees you peace of mind, as they are more durable and in one piece, which we manufacture to measure, so that leaks and damage to your property are things of the past. Do not allow "Frankstein" to damage the facade and foundation of your property.

Text or call us at 561-425-3006 and ask for a Free No Obligation Estimate.

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